How to Import your Chart of Accounts to QuickBooks Online

How to Import your Chart of Accounts to QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks Online Chart of Account list is an inventory of accounts that users use to categorize their income, assets, expenses, liabilities, and owner’s equity amounts. If you want to budget by a particular line item you will need to an account for that budget amount, or if you would want to report some financial report on your tax returns, you will need an account to collect that specific data.

Importing your chart accounts to QuickBooks Online is a major part of your organization’s work.

To organize all your accounting QuickBooks uses your chart of accounts. While setting up your company, QuickBooks customizes your charts of accounts for you, lieu of manually entering your accounts, in QuickBooks from another QuickBooks Online or Desktop company file, you can import a spreadsheet of custom accounts or your existing accounts.

QuickBooks is used widely around the globe and gradually they are improving day by day by releasing a stable version of their software, but there are several problems and errors you can face while working. And sometimes users don’t know how to fix some issues as an inspiring entrepreneur you don’t have adequate time to waste.

We had several customers who always complain about how they invested their time in solving the issue by themselves and still couldn’t help their selves, if they had invested that time in their firm, they’d have made few more dollars. Wait? QuickBooks support is not easy to get connected with them then? What should we do?

That’s where we come, as Certified Pro Advisors of QuickBooks help our clients in solving their issues, no matter what the issue is about and how stubborn an error is, our experts are here to assist you in the problem until it goes away.

So, what are you waiting for? call us on  +1 (213)294-7218.

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Our expert knows tips like the best time to import accounts is while setting up your company In QuickBooks or if you don’t have many accounts to add, then you can create a new account.

You need to import your chart of the account into QuickBooks online before you import earlier invoices and bill because of the bills and invoices consist line item that is coded to your accounts and keep this in mind that QuickBooks Online won’t request for you to enter your opening balance while you are importing your chart of accounts. If you want to enter your opening balance, you can do so through a journal entry you have imported your chart of accounts but you might face problems in doing so, we suggest you give us a call for assistance. Call on  +1 (213)294-7218.

While importing your chart of account to QuickBooks Online you may face several error or issues such as:

  • Problems in Formatting your spreadsheets.
  • An issue in fixing a column
  • Cannot add sub-accounts
  • Error while login or cannot upload your spreadsheet.
  • Cannot map or problem in mapping your spreadsheet.
  • Need help in opening balances for accounts
  • Cannot import chart of accounts templates.

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