How to use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

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The QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool is another name for QuickBooks File Doctor. By using this software user can fix issues related to connectivity errors, or issues which are faced by several users within their company file. The software removes the bugs that impede the work within the desktop and also works as a safeguard. Not just this, the software also helps users in fixing their issues with multi-user errors and network connectivity.

Let’s assume you are a user of QuickBooks and facing problems with database manager, or related to accounting manager or any other issues. You can run QuickBooks diagnostic tool in your system. It will help in solving nearly all common problems such as multi-user and networking.

Several other reasons for issues related to file corruption such as 6000 series and H series errors appear while users are trying to open a company file.

Discuss the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Tons of users have been using accountancy for a long time. Still, many of them are not aware of the term diagnostic tool, but this is one of the power-packed features of QuickBooks software. Before we move ahead, let’s understand several things about the following tool and read a little about it.

The software is built to resolve many of the major problems of the bookkeeping software corrupted file such as H series, 6000 series error code. All these errors while some other majorly occur in QuickBooks Database Manager and Company records. But the tool only works with a certain operating system, like:

  • MS Windows 8
  • MS Windows 10

The users of the accounting software can run the tool to solve other issues or errors that were received by users whilst installing and trying to open the QuickBooks desktop file. The file with extension NetDiag Tool.exe, QBServerUtilityMgr.exe can be damaged due to various reasons.

Several of Issues and Problems Recently Solved by Our Experts

  • When any type of virus affects the QuickBooks.
  • Unexpected errors in QuickBooks like those in the 6000 series.
  • In case of errors related to windows firewall.
  • Where the employees make certain entries that do not get updated on QuickBooks.
  • When you run into problems regards to the QuickBooks database, this database related error may be show up.
  • There are multi-user errors, which usually fall in the category of H series errors in QuickBooks.
  • In case of damaged or corrupted QuickBooks file.
  • An installation error of QuickBooks Desktop, “couldn’t open key.”
  • “Unable to apply a patch.”
  • “Fatal error during installation.”
  • Not able to switch user mode from normal to multi-user or vice versa.

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Issues and Problems faced by Users

  • Entries are missing from the Employees List.
  • Missing or compromised company files.
  • Damaged/corrupted QuickBooks Company files.
  • Inappropriately configured Windows firewall.
  • QuickBooks Database Access Denied.
  • Blank vendor and customer list in your accounting software.
  • Error 1402, 1603, 1722, 1903, 1935, H101, H202, H303, H505 and more.

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Points to Recall before Downloading QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  • Users need to run an interval version of QuickBooks file; in case the readers are still using QuickBooks 2016 or other versions.


  • The user needs to upgrade to the latest version to enjoy the latest features and add-ons if you are still using an older version.
  • Point to be noted, Doctor File can only work with Windows 8, and Windows 10, for Mac, it has a different version called QuickBooks for Mac.
  • You need to have a newer version or QuickBooks enterprise solution 8.0 must be updated, for running this toll well and efficiently.

Problems that can be fixed by QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

When users cannot connect QuickBooks to the database, the tool would help the users. This software can diagnose and help the users, as well as the system in opening the firewall port and solves connection issues.

In case the users are facing any of the issues mentioned above, go through the below-provided points to resolve the errors. There can be several reasons out of which a virus attack is common. You don’t need to worry as this tool can help you in solving issues.

6000 series error: it shows when you or the system face problems related to permission, the error occurs when you tried to access the file from remote locations. To solve the issue, try to change the firewall setting in windows.

Multi-user: it is a feature of QuickBooks which helps the multiple users to access the company file at the same time, from various location.

Diagnose the Connection Tab

The tab helps the users to check the compatibility and make sure if the company file is usable from a computer without using multi-user permission. The issue occurs because of incorrect permission.

Use of connection diagnostic tools

This tool was designed to find and fix the broken company file and connectivity problems automatically.

The software takes help from:

  • Net Framework
  • C++

It can help in removing the issues regard to Net Framework, MSXML, C++

We hope that this article has helped the readers or users of QuickBooks to understand more about Connection Diagnostic Tools. For more information contact on +1 (213)294-7218.

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